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Therapy in English

I lived and worked in England for many years, so that I am pleased to be able to offer psychotherapy in English.

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

I am trained to work using the theories of the psychodynamic approach. This is based on the theories of Psychoanalysis. The Psychodynamic approach entails an understanding of psychological problems arising from conflicts or trauma suffererd in childhood. The adaptations we make as children are often unconscious or have become so over time. As adults and at times of crisis , unexpected change, loss or life transitions, these adjustments may no longer work and turn into symptoms.

The aim of psychodynamic psychotherapy is to become aware of unconscious patterns that form our thoughts, emotions and behaviour. Greater awareness is a step towards enhanced inner flexibility, creativity and scope so that a symptom becomes redundant, is no longer necessary.

Should you have questions or are unsure how to proceed, please feel free to contact me. An initial appointment aims to clarify whether it is possible to work together.

More information: Paths to psychotherapy

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